Insta360 Pro firmware update v200 Beta

v200 Beta


1. Image quality optimized.

2. Support using shutter priority or ISO priority exposure mode when taking photos.

3. Support adjusting the curve during preview and shooting process (except for when shooting Raw photos or Flat Color videos).

4. Add 8k@5fps video resolution.

5. Add the in-depth storage devices formatting function. Please go to the Storage menu, select the storage device you want to format, and format it with exFat.

6. Optimized the gyro function, please remember to recalibrate the gyroscope before use after completing the firmware upgrade.

7. The camera AP hotspot supports the OSC standard.“.OSC”is added after the original hotspot name.

8. Solved the problem that the USB device could not be recognized. Please plug in the USB device after the camera is turned on.

9. Add brand new Stitching Box function! Users can connect their camera and use the camera hardware to assemble the contents of the storage device.

10. Fix bugs and improve system stability.


Firmware upgrade with booting

1. Please make sure that the battery is not lower than 30% and is connected to power adapter. The camera may be booted by pressing “POWER” key in the power-off state.

2. Insert the SD card or mobile HD with the latest firmware into the camera.

Notice: please make sure you have deleted the old firmware bin file, and keep the file name of the newly downloaded firmware unchanged, or the system might not be able to identify the latest firmware automatically, thus cannot upgrade normally.

3. Restart the camera after getting above preparation done, the camera will enter upgrading stage, during which it is upgrading the firmware. Once it has completed, it will restart again. 

4. You can click “Info” in the setting to check out the camera version and Pro Serial Number.


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